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Welcome to the web pages of Master Tieng, a master of Thai massage and expert for Thai holistic health massage.

you look for an experienced trainer to teach you or your staff Thai massage, foot massage, as well as health and sport massage,

Thai SPINAL massage[ Spine Manipulation] then you need to look no further. Master Tieng provides classes in Bangkok,

Thailand and can also travel and teach worldwide

WE can make you to be professional thai massage therapist in 3 days,

master Tieng Yampho is Thai native and he had been teaching in Thai massage for more than 15 years.

Shiva Ashram Holistic Health Center has more teaching courses such as Foot Reflexology,

Thai Oil massage,Step Massage[bare foot Thai massage] etc.

MASTER TIENG can travel and provide Thai massage class world wide


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Location: We are very close to SUVARNABHUMI AIRPORT,

just only one stop by airport link train form Suvarnaphumi airport station to LAT KRABANG station,

or 25 mins from BANGKOK down town from PHAYA THAI Station to LAT KRABANG Station


The Best Thai Massage Teaching


If you are looking for Thai massage Therapist work for you,

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Thai massage class and other course can be arranged by student!! Who has less days in Bangkok.

Student can make private or group learning.You can start..Now [ First in – first out ]

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Master Healer

Tieng Yampho Thai Integrated Therapy Massage

About Master Tieng

Master Healer Tieng Yampho is a world authority in Thai Integrated Therapy for 19 years. He is known as a Master Healer with expertise in Thailand healing practices of combined pressure point therapy, heat treatment, deep tissue massage (sabat - chai massage techniques) and joint and bone manipulation and the use of ancient herbal remedies for modern - day maladies to help transform health and peace of mind.

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Online Thai Integrated Massage Therapy Courses By symptoms [คอร์สตามอาการ]

In-Class Thai Integrated Massage Therapy Courses By symptoms [คอร์สตามอาการ]

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Healer Master

Tieng Yampho

Bangkok, Thailand

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