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How to Get to Shiva Ashram from Suvarnabhumi Airport


When you have finished with passport control and customs

you will exit into the arrivals area of the main terminal on Floor 4 (FL4).

FL4 is a good place to change some money, traveller’s cheques or withdraw cash from ATM’s.

Make your way down to the “City Line Train” located under the airport terminal

on basement level FL.B1. Look for blue signs with a train symbol

pointing to FL.B1 and saying “Train to City”.

At the “Citylink Station” is an Information Desk where they will help you if you need it,

they speak English. You are now ready to get a train token, you need the City Line Train.

Proceed to the City Line Train ticket office to the right and ask for Lat Krabang station,

pronounced as it is spelled in English! The fee at the time of writing (12th April 2011)

is 15THB, or 0.35€. You will be given a Red plastic, electronic token,

do not loose this token as you need it to enter and exit the train stations, keep it safe but convenient.

Follow the signs to the platform, you are going to board the train “Cityline to Phaya Thai”.

Lat Krabang is the first stop after Suvarnabhumi Airport and it takes only a few minutes,

you will need your Red token again to exit the electronic gates. Once through the gates

you will proceed down to street level. Here you will see a taxi stand with green and red metred taxis.

Present to a taxi driver the printout provided here in Thai language,

it is the address and directions to Shiva Ashram Centre. It is only a short taxi ride to the centre

and the metred fee is no more than 35 to 40 THB at the time of writing.

You will arrive at a commercial park with security at the gates

who will direct the taxi driver directly to our door, you journey is over,

you have arrived safely! You Are Very Welcome!

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